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25th March 2018
Today, 25 March 2018 marks the 211th Anniversary of the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP), and the National Patriot Association (Patriot) conveys its greetings and best wishes to the officers and men of the RMP, reputed to be the oldest institution of government. The RMP was formed on 25 March 1807.
As an NGO, Patriot has in our midst retired members of the RMP who remained loyal to the pledges that they had made when they were in the force, i.e. to be of service to King and country. Like the military, the officers and men in the police force sacrificed very much their personal comfort, contributed tremendously fighting our nation's enemies during the first and second emergencies. We are also appreciative of our brethren in blue fighting crime, helping clamp down urban underground activities of undesirable elements; and above all, helping in traffic control in otherwise congested traffic in cities during rush hours.
Needless to say that the RMP has contributed immensely to the maintenance of peace and security of the nation and of which the nation remains appreciative and thankful. Patriot pledges full support to the serving officers and men of the RMP, and their tireless service and effort to the nation serves as a sterling example for other national institutions to emulate, true to RMP’s motto, “Polis dan Mesyarakat Berpisah Tiada (Police and the community will not separate)”.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan