A Patriot is someone who feels a strong support and love for his country.

(From behind left to right)   Mej Bahgwan (ex KP),    Lt Kol Ramli (ex RMR),    Kapt Dr Wong (ex Rejer),    Lt Kol Azudin Fuad (ex RMR),    Kol Kamal (ex Amour)

(From front left to right)   Mej Baldev (ex KP),   ASP Mior Roslan (ex UTK PDRM),   BG Dato' Arshad (ex RMR),   Mej Mior Rosli (ex Paskau TUDM),   Kapt Kung (ex Amour)


About the President

Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji (Retired)

Joined the Malaysian Army in 1965, and upon being commissioned, served as an officer of the Royal Malay Regiment.

Served 33 years in the Army in various capacities; some notable appointments includes Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion, Malaysian Contingent Commander for UN Peacekeeping in Cambodia, Brigade Commander, and finally Chief of Staff, Army Field HQ prior to retirement in 1998.