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12th June 2018

News report on 11 Jun 18 reported the purge of several senior police officers, including IGP Tan Sri Mohd Fuzi Harun, and the disbanding of three Special Task Forces, i.e., STAGG, STAFOC and STING which was set up during the tenure of the former IGP Tan Sri Khalid. The roles and responsibilities of the three special task forces were previously the functions of the Criminal Investigation Department of the police force.
Prior to the news of the purge, criticism towards some of the senior officers in the police force and the alleged corruption had gone viral. As much as Patriot would like to see the image of the police force as a whole held in high esteem and respected by the public, it is undeniable that the image is far from being impressive because of a minority of personnel.
Tan Sri Fuzi Harun’s statement as reported in Berita Harian online on 7 March that “Jho Low tiada kaitan dengan 1MDB” was in direct conflict of the court of public opinion, and probably led him to his plight today. This is a reminder to all those in high places that dereliction of duty when the nation of people put trust and hope onto them, does not pay.
There have been several cases of unresolved death in police custody where the cause of death remains a mystery. There was the bribery case involving several police officers with an individual by the name of Gopi in Malacca that has remained unsolved to this day. It was reported that even family members of the former IGP Tan Sri Khalid knew who Gopi was, and was said to be in communication with Gopi in the past.
Patriot takes the stand that the only way to reform a corrupt organization is to purge all those that are known to have been involved with corruption, irrespective of their position and status. They are obstacles to reform. With clean and principled leaders of the police force, slowly and surely respect will be redeemed.
Patriot supports Tan Sri Ambrin Buang and his Committee of Administrative, Procurement and Finance’s commitment to cleanse corrupt cases plaguing our country for so long. There are possible pandora boxes to be open when investigating the defence ministry, and likewise other ministries and government agencies too. The ghost of the decadence and corruptible acts rotting to the core, a shameful legacy of past administration, must be fully exorcised.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan