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20th July 2018

Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot) views the letter sent by the Prime Minister Department Intelligence Unit Director General Hasanah Ab Hamid as treacherous and treasonous. It was reported (MKini 19 July) that the letter was sent to the CIA Director five days before the May 9 general election. Besides congratulating the new CIA appointee, it discussed internal security matters, foreign policy matters that should not have been shared, and asked US to support our previous government in case the election result turned out to be close.
It appears that the Najib Razak government pandered to both sides of the two superpowers conflict. On one hand we gave tacit support for China’s dominance in the South China Sea, and on the other covertly informed that our country was pro US and supported US’s presence in the region. Criticising a political opponent as anti-West, anti-Semite, and autocratic to pander for favour is despicable, shameful and tramples the art of foreign relation to a guttering level. Only a leader and a government lacking of all good qualities of leadership and good governance would stoop so low.
Patriot implores the authority to launch an immediate investigation on the so-called intelligence unit and the officials concerned. All guilty persons should be seriously punished and set an example to all current officials in the government, security forces personnel, and politicians, that such collusion with any foreign officials or government is considered treason.
In addition, Patriot would like our government to also investigate the purported covert involvement of Cambridge Analytica in our previous elections. It was fortunate that a month before the GE14 Cambridge Analytica got into trouble for mining illegal Facebook data of subscribers and had to wind down its business. As such, much synchronized covert attacks aimed at spreading falsehood, in the run up to the election, diminished along with the strong suspect. The dark episode of the covert activities of Cambridge Analytica serves as lessons learnt for our men in the intelligence service, security forces, and those in national security.
Patriot supports our government policy to preserve ZOPFAN, and that the Asean region should be free of large warships.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan