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7th August 2018
.Two videos have gone viral recently showing an ex minister and deputy minister of the previous BN government making speeches, believed to be at the recently concluded Sg Kandis by-election that smacks off racism, hatred and incitement against one race that could cause public disorder, racial disharmony and above all, threatens national peace and security.
Patriot takes a serious view at the speeches made by those two UMNO politicians and urges them to refrain from making such speeches in the future that can result in disastrous consequence to racial harmony and the peace and security of our country. The two UMNO politicians referred to are Annuar Musa and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.
If their speeches were intended to solicit voter support towards the BN candidate, then results of the by-election should disappoint them because the voters who are predominantly Malays no longer appeal to the argument and statement used by the two UMNO politicians during the campaigning. Clearly UMNO hasn’t learnt their lesson that the mood of Malaysian public today is not one of racism and religious bigotry, but rather one desirous of national unity and harmony.
Malaysia has a regime that had ruled the country for an unbroken period for almost 60 years. It was the oft-repeated race and religious mantra that had kept the UMNO regime in power, securing its vote bank from one community by playing on their sentiments but alienating other communities further. It is obvious that the two UMNO politicians who had campaigned for the BN candidate during the Sg. Kandis by-election were oblivious to the actual issues saddling the voters and needs, i.e. the ‘bread and butter’ issues.
Patriot holds the view that the Malays are no longer gullible, rather they are a thinking lot and the UMNO leadership must accept that fact if the party wants to survive the next general election. Hasn’t UMNO learnt a bitter lesson during the recently held GE14? Have they not come to their senses what caused their defeat?
To party leaders like Annuar Musa and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, our advice to them is to cease playing the racial and religious cards, like what they did at Sg. Kandis if they want UMNO to survive. Both must learn to adapt to changing times.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan