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19th August 2018

 Transport Minister Anthony Loke’s revelation on what appears to be lopsided agreement between the previous government and the two concessionaire companies of Automated Enforcement System (AES) is shocking to the Malaysian public. The minister’s further revelation that the BN government bought over the assets of the two companies, comprising mainly 40 AES cameras at a price of RM555 million paid by the Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT), shocks even more, particularly those serving personnel of the armed forces and the veterans.
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot) demands full investigation over this matter. The MACC and the police commercial crime division must immediately spring to action and not wait for reports. Patriot demands to know who the corporate owners of the two AES concessionaire are, namely ATES and Beta Tegap. Why did the Managing Director and the Board of Directors of LTAT allow the RM 555 million to be taken from the fund?
The LTAT was set up primarily to take care of the welfare and manages retirement benefits for servicemen. When funds of the LTAT is utilised in such manner, it is criminal breach of trust. Even if the MD and BoDs were taking instruction from the head of government, such conduct was dishonourable, unacceptable and a betrayal of trust. In the command structure of the security forces, top leaders/commanders take good care of the welfare and protect the safety of their men. In return those under their command give undying support and are even prepared to risk their lives in dangerous missions. As LTAT is closely related to the military and under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence, the corporate leaders of LTAT are expected to abide by the norms of the military establishment.
LTAT today owns 59.4% of Boustead Holdings Bhd. Boustead Holdings Bhd in turn owns 57.4% of Boustead Plantation Bhd, 20.7% of Affin Bank Bhd, 56.1% of Pharmaniaga Bhd, 65.0% of Boustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd, and a string of other companies. Boustead Holdings Bhd was given the contract to supply the four Littoral Mission Ships (LMS) reported to be RM 1.17 billion, an issue Patriot highlighted on 28 May 18. Until today nothing seems to have materialised on the outcome.
Patriot strongly requests LTAT uses its authority and ownership of its vast business empire to seriously take care of the welfare of service personnel and veterans, such as providing employment opportunities, on-the-job training for those in resettlement course, and scholarships for their children. The PERNAMA chain stores need to be restructured and the scope of business expanded to give better benefits. Plough back more of the profits to be given as bonuses to the members. LTAT must not only be doing those as suggested, but must be continuously seen to be doing them by the men and women of the armed forces. It is the least LTAT could do.  
BG Dato Mohd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan