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14th September 2018
Rear Admiral Danyal Balagopal Abdullah (Rtd) is just apiece in a chessboard used in the game of politics to suit his party’s convenience. This is the way the veterans and Patriot look at the game being played out. We are disappointed with his resignation as an elected representative to the parliament.

What disappointed the veterans even more is that quite a number had donated to his campaign fund when Danyal was announced the candidate for the Port Dickson seat. Besides, Patriots and other veterans had campaigned for him and celebrated his victory. Having won the seat in a hard fought battle and then gave it up is ridiculous.

Danyal in his statement to the media on 13 September mentioned he would still be serving his former constituents. He can consider it lucky if his name is scribed into history in a mere single sentence mention of an MP who has resigned. There is a big difference between speaking out as an MP and as an officer serving under an MP. The voice of an MP, whose positioned is high in the protocol ranking, speaking out on veterans and retired police issues carries a lot of weight.

Issues pertaining to the military and welfare of the veterans and retired police need to be articulated both in the parliament and outside whenever the need arises. This has to be continuously done during the 5-year term. With Danyal out, a voice for the serving personnel and veterans in and outside the august house is lost.

Patriot wishes to reiterate that we are not against Anwar Ibrahim contesting. In fact we have the best wishes for him, as he is the Prime Minister-in-waiting. Patriot is only against Danyal resigning to make way for Anwar Ibrahim. We are expressing the disappointment of numerous veterans expressed through the social media, and even calls to send a retired officer to contest as an independent in the forced by-election.  

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan