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8th November 2018
UMNO President Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s statement reported on 6 November reminding all parties not to ‘disturb’ the Federal Constitution particularly with regards to the religion of Islam, the rightful position of the Malay Rulers and the Malay language is baffling.

It is puzzling to note that the UMNO President has become overly concerned about the issues he raised when in fact no party, especially the non-Malays, has ever questioned the Federal Constitution relating to those issues mentioned ever since the constitution was first adopted.  

Looking back at UMNO/BN political dominance over the last 61 years, if there were to be questions raised related to the aforesaid issues, it was in all probability from among members of the Malay pressure groups themselves, and UMNO included.

Recently a member of the Kedah royal family raised concern and criticism about the state of affairs of the Malay rulers. It was met with total silence from the Malay pressure groups and UMNO leaders. Neither did Zahid Hamidi voice his protest. Had the criticism been from a non-Malay it would be a foregone conclusion that a hellfire torment would be unleashed from the pressure groups and UMNO.

Patriot adopts a position that issues of race, religion and the rulers as spelled out in the Federal Constitution are sacrosanct, and are not to be questioned.

Patriot questions the motive of the UMNO President for speaking out on the aforesaid issues at a time when UMNO is going through some turbulent period that sees its members leaving the directionless party out of confusion and personal grievances. It is a diversionary tactic aimed to keep a dying party relevant through its pretense to defend Islam, race and the rightful position of the rulers.

If Zahid Hamidi’s reminder is aimed at non-Malay groups and groups opposed to UMNO, then Patriot see his reminder as of no relevance. 

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan