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24th November 2018
Patriot commends Deputy IGP Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim on his recent public announcement to investigate all those that had been making speeches that are deemed provocative to incite public disorder relating to their opposition to the proposed rectification of ICERD by the government. The Deputy IGP’s announcement should also serve to warn all others not to make such provocative speeches and statements in order to preserve public peace and to dispel rumour mongering and fear of a racial strife.

We believe all those who had been making such unwarranted hate speeches and statements had not seen nor experienced having to live in fear during the darkest period in the nation’s history i.e. the 1969 May 13 racial riots. For most that had lived through that dark period would not want to be a witness to such catastrophic and horrendous scene of destruction and burned bodies strewn across the streets of Kuala Lumpur ever again.

We members of Patriot that had served the Armed Forces and the Malaysian Police during those trying period in our nation’s history were witness to such horrendous scenes, and it is for this very reason we urge the organisers of the 8 December anti-ICERD rally that is primarily a Malay based rally, not to proceed with the event.    

There has been rumours spread through various social media of an impending riot emanating from the 8 December rally. Despite the government’s announcement that ICERD will not be ratified, there is therefore no reasonable justification for the rally to proceed. The organisers now claim that the rally will still be held for a different reason, i.e. to celebrate the non-ratification of ICERD by the government. Patriot is of the view that such a claim is irrational and void of reasoning.

In view of the insistence of the organisers of the rally to proceed, and coupled with the fear by the general public of a possible riotous situation resulting from the rally, Patriot urge the Chief of Defence Forces to come forward with a committed announcement that the Armed Forces will come forward in force to support of the police should anything untoward occurs during the rally. Such an announcement will give confidence to the general public that their safety and security of the nation is assured.   

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Retired)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan