Be a Patriot, together in Unity we will make a Better Malaysia for all.



26th November 2018
Indeed, it is a traitorous act of the highest degree. Patriot agrees with Utusan Malaysia for branding former Prime Minister Najib Razak a traitor for his infamy of ordering the falsification of the audit report for the Parliamentary Accounts Committee on the 1MDB scandal.
It was reported that Auditor-General Dr Madinah Mohamad had confirmed Najib Razak ordered the original audit report on 1MDB with some paragraphs and information deleted, along with the 1MDB financial report. What is equally shocking is that the former prime minister made the order in the presence of top civil servants and these civil servants gave their support or did nothing to stop the falsification. Either way they are in the wrong.
Let this falsification incident be a shame to the civil service. Patriot suggests that in the next weekly or monthly prayer/briefing meeting for all ministries and government departments, including the military and the police, a minute of silence be observed to reflect on this shame. Let it be resolved and a commitment that this cannot be allowed to happen again.
All the top civil servants named by the A-G involved in conniving with the 1MDB audit report falsification should make a public apology.
Patriot urges all involve in organising the anti-ICERD rally, including the leaders of UMNO and PAS to take heed of this latest revelation by the A-G. This revelation effectively demolishes any remaining ground of righteousness for Najib Razak and his previous government. Leaders and members of both political parties who still have any remnant of moral standing should now support our new government under the leadership of Dr Mahathir Mohamad to help rebuild our nation. Calling off the rally scheduled for 8 December can do this.
With an impending unfavourable world economic outlook, a rising interest rate, world economic contraction, and a possible prolonged depression, Malaysians need to be united to face the reality of the hardship ahead. A united Malaysian populace will certainly mitigate some of the sufferings. Unity of all Malaysians should be our rallying cry now.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Retired)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan