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23rd February 2019

The Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) as lead enforcement agency must be aware that in New Malaysia they cannot escape from being subjected to close public scrutiny. The recent furore arising from “online gambling study tour to Turkey” involving several high-ranking officers headed by the IGP testifies to this fact.

Patriot expresses its deep concern over the incident and views this as a sign of a rather unwelcoming development in the RMP. The once respected image of the RMP, which was reputed to be one of the best in the region, has now been tainted and public confidence towards the Force is shaken.

The call for the hastening of the establishment of the proposed Independent Police Complaints & Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) may reflect this sentiment. Despite their strong reservation over the establishment of IPCMC, there appears that there has been no positive step taken by the RMP top management to enhance the level of professionalism and integrity of the Force to justify this reservation.

The Royal Commission to Enhance the Operations and Management of the RMP has come up with 125 proposals to improve the RMP encompassing areas such as personnel welfare, working environment, pay and allowances and others. The establishment of IPCMC is just one of these 124 proposals. Yet the public is keener to push for this single proposal. This may have something to do with their level of confidence in the RMP and they cannot be blamed for this.

Patriot agrees and welcomes the establishment of IPCMC. But it also believes that it should only be carried out after or along with the implementation of other 124 proposals.

The top leadership of the RMP is strongly urged to take stock of the current situation and take the necessary measures to address issues that presently appear to adversely affect the image of the Force. This ranges from improving the level of professionalism and integrity, training, technical and logistical support, legal protection and welfare of personnel, and leadership. These are measures that must be instituted which are part of the 125 proposals by the government including the establishment of IPCMC.

The image of the RMP has taken a serious battering following the few recent incidents that cast doubt over the integrity of its senior officers in particular and the Force as a whole. Patriot urges the RMP to seriously address this issue in order for it to regain the public confidence.

DCP Dato’ Zulkifli Mohamed (Rtd)
Vice President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan