Be a Patriot, together in Unity we will make a Better Malaysia for all.



9th March 2019

Racism and racial politicking has now encroached into danger zone. Constructive change must start before our nation and society descend into permanent destruction. 

The last few by-elections saw politicians made racially charged speeches aimed to incite hatred just to secure votes. This culminated with one of the most ridiculous statements non-Malays should not be appointed as chief justice, attorney-general, and finance minister for reasons that the Malay privileges could not be defended and also those appointed could not take an oath of office by the Quran. 

The latest development asking MCA and MIC to leave the BN coalition is mischievous and bewildering, and further indicates that politics has rolled back into pure racism. BN’s founding fathers had forged a coalition to strengthen unity among the three major Malayan races. Historically it was pragmatic then for race-based political parties to be formed.  
The like-mindedness, understanding and the willingness to strengthen the bond of brotherliness and friendship among the various races that our founding fathers had carved out for this nation is now being threatened by selfish and self-centred politicians, particularly by those that had held powerful positions in government before. 

Both UMNO and PAS have each become a one-issue party, harping on Malay supremacy or Malay-Muslim unity against others. This has led certain PH politicians to propagate policies of the Malay agenda. 

A certainty to rid of racism is to start by having non race-based political parties. Patriot urges all political parties to move towards achieving that purpose in sync with the multi-racial nature of our Malaysian society. The Malaysian society cannot remain parochial in its societal outlook any longer after six decades of independence. We ought to be more inclusive and symbiotic in facing the challenges of our country as truly one Malaysian people. 

We have enough of politics of building obstacles instead of building bridges, enough of politics of ‘they versus us’, and enough of politics of exclusivity and not inclusivity. These are dark political clouds shielding the glorious Malaysian sun. Tolerance and understanding were thrashed and replaced with championing racial hatred. The propagation of race and religion now takes centre stage and if this is allowed to fester, there is little hope of ever seeing a united Malaysian society. 

Patriot has got this to say to all political leaders: “Get back on track to think as a Malaysian first and not otherwise. Serve all Malaysian people and not to exercise parochial politics and show bias towards a particular race”. 

Finally, we say this: “The dismantling of race-based political party is our only hope of seeing the emergence of a truly undivided Malaysian society, thus fulfilling our dream of a harmonious, prosperous and progressive Malaysia”.

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Presatuan Patriot Kebangsaan