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8th April 2019

Patriot shares the disappointment as expressed by G25 Malaysia that the government has yielded to pressure from dissenting groups and decided to withdraw the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after acceding to it. This makes it a double flip-flop after what happened to ICERD. 

However, after reading the various statements from ministers and those in the PH government and observing the events that happened, Patriot understands the big picture and fully agrees with the Prime Minister’s decision to withdraw from its decision to accede to the Rome Statute. 

It appears that the whole episode of the protest against ratification of the Rome Statue of the ICC has been staged, with the ulterior motive to bring down the democratically elected government or the Prime Minister. It is doubtful that those street protesters have the slightest comprehension of the Rome Statue of the ICC, and how it challenges our Constitution and the position of the Malay rulers. As in most cases of a sinister campaign, first a mob-for-hire group would be mobilised. Or in the usual modus operandi of the opposition parties, a spin master concocts a make-real story. Next, the person or politicians who are the mastermind move in to heave havoc taking advantage of the mob or spun story. 

Academics may be solicited to give narrow interpretation of the meaning of the supreme commander of the country’s armed forces. These are co-called armchair thinkers who do not understand what a war entails. Even if their officially unsolicited views are correct, in the event of a war it will be the officers and men of the security forces at the front line, the rakyat, and the whole nation will perish first. They will die protecting the King and country.

Any coercion of our democratically elected government or the Prime Minister to step down through sinister means or by force is against the will of the people. Patriot will not stand idle watching such irresponsible and undemocratic conduct. 

In the event situations turn untenable, Patriot is confident that our Inspector General of Police and the Chief of Defence Forces remain neutral and act for the collective good of our nation.

With regards to the Rome Statue of the ICC, Patriots is of the view as G25 Malaysia that it should be openly discussed and debated at all strata of our society, in institutions of higher leaning, and be given wide media coverage. Ultimately, with the people’s full understanding on the issues, the matter can be brought to the parliament through the elected representatives, through a proper democratic process. 

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan