Be a Patriot, together in Unity we will make a Better Malaysia for all.



20th July 2019

Patriot would like to remind Pakatan Harapan leaders and politicians that the people voted them into power for good governance and to right the wrongs of the previous administration. The people are not interested in their bickering over the right to be the next prime minister. Neither do they want to see dark hands and long knifes clandestinely employed by supporters of one leader against the other, both intra-party and intra-coalition.  
The feud between the two camps within PKR that culminated into sordid tales of unnatural sex, conspiracy, evil plots, and paid mercenaries are all too distracting and disgusting.
By convention political leaders are suppose to hold key positions in government and provide leadership. They are supposed to make decisions under council of the officials, for the good of the people and nation. There is so much to do in our difficult journey towards a ‘Shared Prosperity’ vision. There are also a number of concerns:
1. Our national debt has since May 2018 increased to RM 1.09 trillion.
2. Fitch Ratings has just affirmed our long-term foreign currency issuer default rating at ‘A -’, meaning our nation is still a high credit quality but vulnerable to adverse economic conditions. The reason for the A minus rating was our nation’s high public debt. Nations with strong economies have AAA rating. We pray there is no need to sell our national assets to pay for the debts.
3. Our household debt to GDP ratio is 83% and is the highest in the Asean region. This is cause for concern because individuals will be burdened to pay debts in the impending economic downturn.
4. Our education standard is appalling and much has been said about overemphasis in religious studies. Politicians are fickle about teaching math and science in English.
5. Politicians at local government levels seem to act only after an environmental disaster has occurred. They have low acumen for proactive decisions.
6. The Orang Asli communities are the least represented and most sidelined. Tragedy after tragedy has befallen them, and politicians at state levels seem to have the least regard for the Orang Asli. It is a crying shame.
The list of concerns can be lengthened. The points mentioned above are enough to jolt our politicians from their delusive thoughts that power is their right. In fact, many career politicians have nothing to show, except politicking. Numerous who prefer not to be in politics can do a better job.
Malaysians have enough of the current morally ignoble display from among our politicians. Patriot calls upon the coalition leaders of Amanah, PPBM and DAP to step in quickly to mediate before the feud in PKR spirals out of control and leads to the destruction of PH. There is so much to do to rebuild our nation.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan