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28th July 2019

IGP Dato Seri Hamid Bador is a man of high repute. Since assuming his role in May he has set his sight in reforming the police force. His intent to transform the force out of its battered image is a herculean task considering the decades of abuse inflicted by the previous administration. The IGP has vowed to stem corruption and has ordered his officers and men to disassociate themselves from the activities of the underworld. The task ahead for the IGP is daunting and necessitates support and understanding from his officers and men, politicians, and the public.
Dato Seri Hamid was blunt when he said the sex video investigation purportedly involving a senior PKR politician had taken too much of his time and that of his officers, whose time could otherwise be used for other meaningful police duties. The IGP’s rebuke of politicians on this unnecessary burden that apparently sprung from intra party leadership rivalry was necessary and rightfully so.
There have been calls for the resignation of the IGP by certain quarters for what they accused the IGP for being elusive in not stating conclusively the findings on the investigation into the sex video, including one calling the IGP a liar. Patriot views such calls as immature and irresponsible.
The IGP is correct in not making public the findings of the investigation as the investigation papers are now in the custody of the office of the Attorney-General. Doing so preempts the work of the A-G’s office as well as playing to the gallery of guttering politics currently at play. 
Patriot acknowledges that the allegation of a senior PKR politician’s involvement in the sex video is serious, and agrees fully that should the allegation be true, the politician has no other option but to resign.
The IGP’s tenure of office is only two years and he has a load over his shoulder to put things right. Let us all pledge support for the IGP to accomplish his avowed mission to make the force a reputable, corruption-free, friendly and professional that all Malaysians can respect, honour and be proud of.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan