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13th August 2019

Patriot has so far abstained from making a statement directly mentioning the name of Islamic evangelist Dr Zakir Naik. But enough is enough when on August 9 at Kota Bahru, Zakir Naik spoke and questioned the loyalty of Malaysians of Indian origin, trying to curry favour of our prime minister. Besides, Zakir Naik also severely criticised China over the alleged mistreatment of the Uyghur Muslims, threatening to sour Malaysia-China relation that we strive hard to repair.
Patriot has no issue if Zakir Naik sticks to his Islamic evangelism work, but do not compare religions. Malaysians have learnt well that comparing religion is a taboo. However, he was invited in by the Najib regime around 2013 and given permanent resident status. Since then he has gone on preaching tours comparing religions that caused dismay and dreadfulness from the public. The then kleptocrat regime saw and used Zakir Naik as a tool for diversion tactic. He was a convenient distraction for the 1MDB scandal that had surfaced.
Patriot observed that Zakir Naik has currently avoided comparing religions in his speeches after much criticism from the public and calling for him to be deported. In fact, he has encroached into politics and international relations. What he uttered about the Hindus in Malaysia and the accusations about China denying the Uyghur Muslims rights to fast, forcing them to drink alcohol and stopped them from learning Quran; was loose cannon and did not reflect himself of being a scholar. A scholar is one who is very careful with words and look at issues objectively.
Malaysians of Indian origin are loyal. They have also contributed tremendously, along with other ethnic groups, serving in the security forces defending our King and country.Several officers and men were awarded gallantry medals fighting our nation's enemies. Questioning the loyalty of the Malaysian Hindus showed Zakir Naik was ignorant, dishonest, and had an ulterior motive and a hidden agenda. 
Any sensitive issue on the Uyghur Muslims is best left to our Foreign Ministry. It is not for Zakir Naik to instigate the uninformed public, and arouse hatred and animosity towards China, especially at a time when our relation with China is improving. Furthermore trade and infrastructure investment are also at stake.  
Patriot would like to see Zakir Naik shut up now.
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan