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30th November 2019
The august house of the parliament is nowhere august when there are members who behave like hooligans in terms of language used and uncouth behaviour. The conduct of parliamentarians is supposed to be dignified. Their speeches are suppose to inspire, intelligent, contribute to innovative ideas, and add value to debates. At the very least they should provide good role model especially to our young. But when members shout abusive language and use vulgar word in their speech arguing like the uneducated instead of articulating intelligently, the word hooligan labeled on them is the kindest possible. 
Parliamentarians not in the government are suppose to be formidable opposition and have important roles in keeping checks and balance, and to give counter suggestions when necessary. Absenteeism and failing a quorum that has happened far too often, is already bad enough. Incapable of speaking intelligently is equally bad. Arguing and shouting abusive words is obscenely bad. But arguing with a vulgar word makes the MP a scumbag unworthy of his presence in the august house. Censuring with mere asking of the withdrawal of the unmentionable word is too light a ticking off. Tanjung Karang MP, the so-called Honourable Noh Omar who uttered the unmentionable word must also apologise to all women and also the young in the country. He is a bad example of an adult, a father, and certainly not fit to be an MP. 
There were previous occasions where other utterance of vulgarities and display of sexism. It appears that certain MPs are habituated to using such vulgarities and misconduct. This nonsense must stop. 
Patriot expects all MPs from both the ruling and opposition to speak up intelligently, contribute to good debates, and ensure a respectable decorum in the house. Otherwise they are merely occupying the seats and wasting public money. 
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan