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10th January 2020

 Patriot would like to see swift action and investigation open against those alleged to be involved in the commission of crime as revealed in the released phone conversations involving former PM Najib Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor, ex-MACC Commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad, and several others. Those in high office, abetted by very senior officials, have committed the gravest of crimes and no stones should be left unturned.  
We are aware that MACC Chief Commissioner Latheefa Koya’s conduct of releasing the recorded phone conversations involving Najib Razak may be sub judice and breaches the rule of law. Nothing in this new episode of phone recordings release adds to trial by media compared to what already have. Those are all secondary considering that our country is at abnormal time when a large portion of the populace seems to be warped into the belief that the former PM is still innocent and opposition parties capitalise in using the ethno-religious card to divide the people further. Our nation is at the extreme low in terms of race-relation conflict.
Many supporters of the former PM and the previous administration are still in frenzy-like mindset rebutting allegations of financial scandal of humungous magnitude. Many choose to see with blinkered eyes. Many have lost their sense of shame.
The people are also tired of the protracted court cases regarding the 1MDB fiasco, while many more cases have yet to be brought to the courts. As such, Latheefa Koya’s act of releasing the phone recordings may help bring a quick end to the nation and people’s agony. Any breach of legal principles on her part is for the learned judges to decide if it needs be. What is of vital importance is for all Malaysians to acknowledge that very serious crimes have been committed by top leaders of the previous administration and shamefully abetted by top government officials. We need to quickly bring the shameful past to a close and heal wounds, quit the ethno-religious politicking and focus on nation building. We need to put effort into strengthening our economy. We need to raise employment and income level. Our quality of life and standard of living has to rise. There is so much to do. 
Patriot is of the opinion that the conduct of the MACC Chief Commissioner and her team of dedicated officers in releasing the phone recordings are to be commended and not ridiculed. We were told that even the Prime Minister was not consulted about the press conference. This is a positive step towards institutionalising the MACC as a fully independent body.
Let this coming year of the rat heralds a harmonious, prosperous and progressive Malaysia (which is also our Patriot Vision).
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd)
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan