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16th November 2017

Events and antics of some the past week has caused mixed feelings to Malaysians - from feeling anxiety, ludicrousness, comical, suspicion, and even feeling insulted. We Patriots feel compelled to comment with the hope that some sense of civility, righteousness, and ethics, can come to those responsible, and not take the common people for grunted. 

Land allocated to Saudi Arabia for combating terrorism.
Patriots agree with the statements made by some that Saudi Arabia may not be the ideal nation to work with regarding counter terrorism. But if the 16 hectares of land allocated is for the King Salman Centre for International Peace (KSCIP), as the name implied, to be used for research and international centre to foster understanding; then the idea for KSCIP is good. Our Royal Malaysian Police has got superb track record in counter insurgency warfare and was the envy of even the United States at one time. It can be relied upon to do a good job in counter terrorism. However, counter terrorism work should be left fully to those professionals in uniform. It must not be muddied with political interference. Those entrusted to oversee the KSCIP project must be open and explain how the centre is to function. Secrecy, or a project kept unexplained, is construed as one that is empty and hollow, which hopefully should not be reflective of those who conceived the idea for the project.

Likewise, for the East Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM), where our maritime border is quite porous, the command decision of the ground commanders must be respected and not be interfered by politicians. A repeat of the Lahad Datu foreign incursion, and the way it was handled, must not happen. We advise politicians not to behave like generals of whom they are not. We also advise Generals to not go overboard to please politicians. Pride and honour must never be compromised.

On borrowed strength, psyop and psywar.
As ex military and police officers and commanders, we understand well the concepts of borrowed strength, deception, psyop, and psywar, and when to apply them in war. During peace time, the ideals of good governance and administration demand different concepts, i.e., truthfulness, openness, sincerity, societal and national unity, and leadership by example. The way our politicians behave and conduct, it is like war is waged everyday. Patriots see no need for politicians to borrow strength from the Selangor royalty in the matter of the Bugis pirate debate. No need to use the 'thunder in the east, storm in the west' diversion/deception tactic, through employment of cyber troopers. What the Rakyat want is plain simple openness, good and intelligent debate on the issues affecting our nation.

Flood and God's message.
Even a flood, a natural disaster, was treated in a war-like attitude. It was even associated as a war declared by God. We understand politicians have to be seen, and want to be seen, as leaders and 'commanders' in the fore front. A real commander is for day in and out, year round, on standby, on guard, and be vigilant together with his men under his care. The commander is prepared to toil, to even die together with his men for the King and country. Patriot sincerely ask those politicians to be leaders every day in their political career, and not just during floods. The Rakyat certainly do not mind if the faces of the politicians are stamped on every good policy, for the common good, welfare and progress of the people. Be sincere is what the Rakyat asked of the politicians.

Of sovereignty, Indian prostitute and uncouth language.
Patriots take pride in believing that we are a nation of cultured, understanding, kind, and peace-loving people. We are appalled to hear very uncouth language hurled. We feel those guttering words are unmentionable. We really take pity for those who mentioned them, for they are bad example and cannot be good fathers to their children.

Honourifics and criminals. 
Of late, there have been a number of individuals who hold honorific titles bestowed upon them by state institutions who were later found to be involved in activities that are criminal in nature. This reflects poorly on the state institutions that awarded them such titles, and raises questions as to whether the criteria of awarding such honorific titles are flawed. Previously the ruler of a state only awarded his loyal and trusted subjects who have served the state, and with an unblemished and distinguished personal character. This would mean that the recipient of such state honorific title is a person of reasonable age, certainly not a 29 year old as we see it today.

We are not disputing the right of the rulers to bestow titles upon anyone that they so wish, but this has to be done with absolute care, as the title carries the name of the state ruler and his distinguished household. It is for this reason that recipients too must ensure they themselves uphold the good name of the state ruler and his household in high esteem, and never to indulge in any activity that is to the detriment of the state ruler. Patriots uphold dearly to what is enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and we hold the state rulers in high esteem. It is our hope that state institutions exercise greater restrain and absolute care in bestowing honorific titles to individuals with unblemished and distinguished character.

Exercise your vote.
Patriots would like to remind all Malaysians above aged 21 to exercise their vote during the general election. It is a duty for yourself, family, society, and your country. Kindly ensure you have registered to vote at any post office by mid December 2017, as it is the closing date for the last quarter. All veterans and retired police personnel are reminded to ensure their children do the same. 



BG Dato Mohd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President - Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan