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1st August 2020
The recent political turmoil in Sabah that caused the state assembly to be dissolved has left foul words in the mouth of most Malaysians. Indeed and rightfully called political frogs, a connotation that is most demeaning to the so-called ‘Yang Berhormat’, those who lured and those lured by the tens of millions to switch side deserved to be condemned. These political frogs have shamed themselves, their families, communities, the whole of Sabah, and to all Malaysians.  
Elected representatives are leaders of the people. Their words and deeds are respected, revered and the community sees them as role model. They are garlanded, applauded, photographed and given seats at high tables during public functions. But nay, their recent antics to lure and to be lured revealed their nakedness, their pretense, hollow in soul and brain. They have no principles. They are betrayers. Betrayal of one to another is abhorred and a private matter. Betrayal of the tens of thousands who voted them to office is an unforgivable sin that bears the aggregated curse of the community. Referring them as pariahs is only an understatement.   
Sabah is an underdeveloped region in Malaysia despite rich in natural resources and in biodiversity. It has vast deposits of oil and gas, vast tracts of planted oil palm, and has advantage to attract tourism income; yet poverty is high and it ranks among the poorest states with low GDP and per capita income. Sabah has been grappling with migrant issues for decades. There seem to be no end to the problem that caused serious socio-economic and security issues.  
The roads to the rural regions within Sabah are both appalling in their nature and an appalling lack of remedial action among politicians. Smuggling activities and human trafficking are rampant especially in the East coast. Fish bombing and illegal fishing lingers and perpetuates with political lip service. Regular floods due to poor drainage system that cover several districts at a time during downpour are common. Deforestation and conservation of wildlife is still an issue that Sabah contributes to foreign NGOs’ siege and to plague on.         
Sabah politicians must wake up and stop being frogs. Show to the people you really care and solve the numerous problems plaguing in your region. Work hard to uplift the socio-economic welfare of the Sabah people. Make sure Sabah’s GDP is among the highest in the country. Can you do that?  
BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd) 
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan