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3rd August 2020

The Sabah episode of mass party hopping by assemblymen midway through the electoral period is a tragedy that led to the death of the assembly. It is a hallmark of shame seen from societal norms, ethics and values. This shameful episode marks a long history of our nation’s elected representatives hopping parties., thus, giving words like ‘frogs’ and ‘katak’ disgustful connotations. It is high time for parliament to enact the Anti-Party Hopping Act.  

Whatever the reasons for the so-called Yang Berhormats to jump ship – be it the lure of tens of millions, or because the federal government has changed and therefore risking an investigation of some previous corruptible adventure, or both; their dastardly act of party hopping remains a bad taste in the mouths of Malaysians.

If the federal government were to change again, will these party hoppers again jump ship? Will threat of prosecution or threatened exposure of some embarrassing act do the same? Will defection and party hopping continue post this state election? 

The Anti-Party Hopping Act is vital to ensure the integrity of our lawmakers. The Act puts a check on both sides, the ruling parties and the opposition. It helps strengthen the parliamentary two-party system. The elected representatives can focus on seriously serving the people instead of wasting time in brokering, dealing, horse-trading and offering themselves to the highest bidder in the throne of power. Above all, with the Act, an elected representative cannot become a political prostitute. 

Patriot implores parliament to enact the Anti-Party Hopping Act. 

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd) 
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan