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21st November 2017

The Deputy Defence Minister Mohd Johari Baharum is reported to have said that armed forces veterans were working with opposition political quarters to 'topple the government'. He made the statement at the Pingat Jasa Malaysia award ceremony to 242 veterans and surviving spouses in Jitra (FMT on 20 Nov). We, Persatuan Patriot Kebangasaan (PPK), take serious note and strong reservation.

The Deputy Defence Minister singled out some veterans who were in collusion with certain parties in pursuit of their political interest. Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan members, comprising retired armed forces and police personnel, wish to caution politicians in office to stop issuing statements that may infuse confusion, reservations and even fear among the citizens. Malaysia is a nation that has a solid track record where the uniformed divisions have stood faithfully and courageously for the Constitutional Monarchy which forms the spine of our beloved country's democratic history.

For the Deputy Defence Minister to even publicly claim that ex-armed forces personnel are plotting to topple the government is not only dangerous, but plants seeds of instability, divisiveness and suspicion among citizens, including serving and retired uniformed personnel. It is most unprincipled for a leader to state that "despite the various aids and perks given" to ex-servicemen and women and their surviving family members, they are "aiming to become elected representatives" outside of the current political party that forms the majority government of the day.

Firstly, he needs to be schooled in what constitutes a 'government' and why he must clearly know the difference between a political party and government. 
To even hint with malevolence by citing nations like "Libya, Iraq and Lebanon" is tantamount to threatening a peace loving nation that is patriotic, loyal and fervent in protecting peace and progress. PPK will not yield to such irresponsible, divisive, and threatening political strategy of politicians and political parties which believe they are the only ones who can and must form a government. We also wish to remind the deputy minister that questioning the efficiency and demanding transparent, undisputed accountability from political masters is not tantamount to "toppling" a government.

On the contrary it is a patriotic duty of citizens to ensure that their nation of people and the Rulers are always safeguarded from those who have ulterior motives fuelled with pure self-interest and personal gain at the expense of the long term peace, progress and development of this great nation, Malaysia. Veterans are not living on the charity of any political party. Neither must they ever remain sworn loyalists to any political party, either in power or aspiring to be the majority preferred choice of the voters, simply because "various perks and aid are given to them". To do so is tantamount to bribery and crosses into the boundary of corruption.

The veterans are paid their dues, pension, as enshrined in the policies and laws of our nation. It is the duty of political parties forming the government of the day to diligently ensure that every letter in the Terms and Conditions for the benefit of those who risked their limbs and lives to protect the nation and serve the Constitutional Monarch, is protected. Politicians who sow seeds of fear are the true traitors of the people, the Rulers and the country. 

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BG Dato Mohd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President - Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan