Be a Patriot, together in Unity we will make a Better Malaysia for all.



23rd November 2017

The Deputy Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Jailani Johari, on 22 Nov 17 said that ASEAN has recently adopted the Culture of Prevention (CoP) to be proactive and working towards preventing societal violence (Bernama 22 Nov 17). The CoP entails inculcating shared values of peace, harmony, intercultural understanding, respect, trust, tolerance, inclusiveness, moderation, social responsibilities, and diversity.

Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (PPK) fully support the statements of the Deputy Minister and the values, as mentioned, to be inculcated into our society. Incidentally these noble values are shared by our members, comprising veterans and retired police personnel. Our Vision, Objectives and plan of action are guided by these values.

However, lip service is a common phenomenon in the vocation of politicians and politics. If the Deputy Ministry holds true to what he had said and follows through with all actions in the government, we Patriots will be willing to work together with him, the government and all political parties, for the betterment of our society and nation. For the start, there should be a moratorium of all outsourced cyber troopers' activities that incite hatred, disunity, and fake news. Politicians should behave maturely and set good example to our youths by not uttering derogatory words and language; and should not utter or use sexist joke to offend the female gender. Inflammatory declaration by individual or groups, like 'over my dead body', in championing ethnic rights; should be deemed as immature conduct and viewed as contemptuous action. This is simply because such immature conduct fail the test of all the values mentioned above.

Patriots would like to repeat our call for all political parties to commit to fostering racial unity and harmony. We owe it to our children and grandchildren, the future generations, to build a harmonious, prosperous, and progressive nation.


BG Dato Mohd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President - Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan