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24th March 2021

Patriot salutes Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador for his relentless effort to end corruption in the police force. The IGP has made a bold move to expose the problem by speaking to the media. It shows his desperation as well as his sincerity in wanting to clean up the image of the force, and he deserves all round support.  

The IGP had made a commitment that the “blue code of silence” and the “culture of taking money from the bottom to the top for the IGP” must end. He also alleged that there were efforts by a group of junior police officers linked to cartels to humiliate him and to force him out. 

The allegation by the IGP against an unnamed ex IGP is serious and cannot be ignored. The IGP is only saying the obvious that is well known among members of the force but has somewhat kept muted by the police leadership for reasons best known to them.   

Patriot calls upon the entire leadership of the police force, and those who have retired to rally in support of the IGP’s noble effort. We also call upon every single citizen of the country, including right minded NGOs to openly voice their support for the IGP to combat corruption at every level in the force, and to return the force to its glorious past.         

Following the exposure by Tan Sri Hamid Bador, there is already an article that has gone viral narrating in explicit details the roles played by a number of named senior police officers, including an ex IGP in soliciting money, purportedly from illegal sources. The veracity of the article needs to be cautiously studied and if those named in the article believes that they had been wrongfully implicated, they then have every right to take whatever legal recourse to redeem their good name. Otherwise, a report needs be initiated to facilitate investigation.    

Tan Sri Hamid Bador's tenure as IGP is fast coming to an end. He must be allowed the privilege to ensure that the top leadership of the police is in the hands of officers with integrity.  

Patriot would like to remind those from outside the police force that the placement of officers is the responsibility of the IGP, and it is decided in consultation with the respective heads of departments. This is an internal matter that must not have outside interference, and certainly not interference from politicians.  

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd) 
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan