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30th April 2021
The recent arrest by the Johor Police Contingent of 12 enforcement officers linked to the Nicky Gang and several others arrested earlier shows wide influence organised crime syndicate leader Nicky Liow had over some officers from the federal enforcement agencies to protect its illegal activities. This is shocking.  

Of the 12 arrested, 2 were MACC officers, which has now cast serious doubts as to the integrity and trustworthiness of MACC officers. To date a total of 68 individuals have been arrested, comprising members of the syndicate, police officers from Bukit Aman, Selangor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Johor, and the two MACC officers.  

Patriot congratulates the Johor Chief Police Officer Dato Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay for being instrumental in leading his team of dedicated officers to flush out the criminal activities of the syndicate, and the arrest of all linked to it. The net value of the assorted illegal items seized was no less than RM20 million 

Dato Ayob Khan was appointed Johor Police Chief on 6 March 2020, and on 26 November 2020 the Johor Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department succeeded in busting a drug trafficking syndicate, otherwise known as Ah Soon syndicate, and seized various types of drugs worth RM737,000. 

The success of Dato Ayob Khan in combating serious criminal activities in Johor and elsewhere in such a short period as Johor Chief Police indicates before his tenure something was amiss and those before him fell short of their performance. Such criminal activities, especially drugs trafficking, take a long time for the culprits to make connection, to nurture, and to develop its distribution chain. It cannot be done just within a few months. The ‘Blue Code of Silence’ as mentioned by IGP Tan Sri Hamid in a recent media briefing might have been the reason of the failure to detect such criminal activities earlier. 

Dato Ayob Khan is now a household name for his forceful and uncompromising stand as a crime buster, particularly corruption within the force, inspired by the outgoing IGP’s expose of corruption among senior police officers. Today, Dato Ayob Khan is well regarded and praised by Malaysians for his outstanding police work and is much sought after by the media. He is the people's hero.   

Patriot, like all citizens of this country that hates corruption is hopeful that Dato Ayob Khan will one day helm the police force to combat corruption, redeem the lost pride of the force, and to make PDRM a shining beacon inspiring all to come together to make our nation great.   

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (Rtd) 
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