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8th May 2018
Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan (Patriot) applauds the statement by the IGP (as reported by Bernama on 7 May 2018) stating that the police have managed to maintain peace and order during this general election campaigning period. Knowing how our Malaysia Police function and their capabilities, we have full confidence in our men in blue.  We are confident that any undesirable element trying to create chaos and disrupt the free conduct of the electoral process, the police will foil their plan and arrest them.
We urge all Malaysian registered voters to vote without fear or favour, and be confident that your vote is a secret and cannot be traced back to you. Any reports or social media messages stating otherwise is not true. Reports stating that there may be chaos and asking you to stock up food supply are lies and have the ulterior motive to dissuade people from coming out to vote.
Patriot would like to see this GE14 be conducted in a free manner. The rule of law must be abided strictly. We would like to remind the Election Commission officials of their oath in office. We are aware that there are Returning Officers who are members and office bearers of political parties. The incidents that happened during the nomination day on 28 April 2018 did not give confidence to the people that the Commission will do a good job. Please ensure that all officials on duty on 9 May polling day, who are also civil servants, and may have political affiliations, conduct with full discipline and be impartial. If the election is conducted in a fair manner, the result will be accepted as the will of the people. 
Once again Patriot commends the Malaysian Police for doing a good job so far. As the stake is very high, and if the result is close, there may be a pressing need for the police force to maintain peace and order in the hours prior to the announcement of the result. In the event that the losing party tries to create chaos, out-sourcing criminal acts; our police force must arrest all these troublemakers even before the conduct of their planned criminal acts. Patriot has full confidence the Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces will stand together with the Malaysian people.
It is now hours before polling begins. Patriot cautions all civil servants against any destruction of important documents that may show impropriety in expenditure and awards of contracts. Any such conduct is a crime and a serious offence.
BG Dato Mohd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan