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2nd February 2019

The criticism by some quarters over the appointment of YB Sheikh Omar Sheikh Ali, a DAP party member from Johor to the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Propagation Foundation of Malaysia (YADIM) borders on sheer ignorance and smack of racism. 

For Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, the UMNO leader to make such criticism against the appointment of Sheikh Omar, the former himself being an Islamic scholar and a former member of YADIM now casts himself as one whose political expediency overrides that of an Islamic scholar. A similar criticism against Sheikh Omar was also made by the Perkasa Vice President Hassan Basri Muhammad.  

Patriot acknowledges the appointment of Sheikh Omar with his religious academic credentials to be a fully qualified and able team member of YADIM. It is not just another political appointee without any suitable academic credential that was the practice of the past administration. 

Asyraf Wajdi, due to his own selfish political belief thinks that a Malay DAP party member is unfit to sit in the board of YADIM. Sheikh Omar, though being a member of a Chinese-dominant political party, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies (Usuluddin) majoring in Propagation (Dakwah) from the University of Malaya. 

What other academic qualification does Asyraf Wajdi wants of Sheikh Omar to qualify the latter to sit on the board of YADIM? Does Asyraf Wajdi think that Sheikh Omar being a member of DAP is a lesser Malay and even a much lesser Muslim? 

Patriot stands by the decision of the government on the appointment of Sheikh Omar to the Board of YADIM, and regards all criticisms against Sheikh Omar as nothing more than ignorance and a shade of jealousy. 

BG Dato Mohamd Arshad Raji (Rtd)
President, Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan